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Total Environment Systems "TES"

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Total Environment Systems
Discover the state of  “health” of your home or office and how you can enhance your indoor space naturally


Total Environment Systems = TES
Environmental Sustainability, Protection & Innovation
Human Health, Well Being & Creativity

Our homes and office buildings sometimes contain harmful toxics, and EMFs, and are now also constructed in such a way as to be tightly sealed which simply re-circulates unhealthful air. This has given rise to what is known as “sick building syndrome” (SBS), a term used by the Environmental Protection Agency, to describe buildings that cause illnesses in people who spend time inside of them.

In fact this is such a pervasive problem that in 1984 the World Health Organization Committee issued a report suggesting that up to 30 percent of buildings worldwide may be making people sick.

TES provides a comprehensive environmental and health assessment of your home and/or office. This includes testing potential harmful EMF levels and locating the source.

If harmful conditions are found, I recommend the “best” natural methods to improve and enhance the indoor environment and recommend innovative bio-mimicry “technology” and green product alternatives.

For example, by bringing special plants into your home or office and placing them strategically throughout you can clean and purify unhealthy indoor air. Through a process of metabolic breakdown, the leaves of certain plants absorb harmful organic chemicals and destroy them.

You will receive a comprehensive TES report that identifies any unhealthful conditions in your house or office and that provides ways to remedy these conditions.

Please contact Catriona for a Free Quote to have a TES evaluation of your home or office

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