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Vision Quest Preparation

Conducting a Vision Quest can be a life changing experience and preparing for the Quest can help to make the experience the best it can be for you.

Setting Intention
When we set an intention in motion, the universe has a tendency to align with that intention. This is because thoughts are vibrations and what we think can and does effect the environment around us - as well as our own bodies. This is why I ask all people that come to me for Quests and Retreats to create a letter of intent for our time together.

A letter of intent serves four useful purposes :

How to do a Letter of Intent
-Please use a blank 8.5 by 11 inch piece of paper and place it landscape (not vertical) to do your writing. Write in your own handwriting with black or dark ink pen and fill in both sides of the paper with your writing, sign and date.
The intent topic will be given to you. Once you are done you will mail it to me at least 2 weeks prior to the Quest or Retreat.

40 Day Pre-Quest Cleansing Program
I recommend that all Quest Participants conduct a 40 day pre-quest cleansing program.
This cleansing includes a physical cleanse and daily practices using the five primary elements found in nature: Earth, Water, Fire, Air, & Ether.
This "clearing" is akin to the sweat lodge process used in native American tradition in that it prepares one for the Quest, however, it provides a cleansing and clearing for people from many of the modern day ills and circumstances that create stress, ill health and lack of clarity.

Whole Food "Fast"
I also offer advice and support for people who choose to do a whole food "fast" and water and herb diet. If you are daily using caffeine products - you are asked to wean off those - at least a week prior to the Quest or Retreat.

Health Questionnaire
All Quests Participants are asked to fill out a confidential health questionnaire and to sign a release from liability prior to the Quest.


To Reserve Your Space
Vision Quest Groups are kept small in order to enhance your quest experience. Confirm your plans early to save a place, and to benefit from the 40 day pre-quest "cleansing".

Registration Fee
An advance registration fee is required with a non-refundable deposit of $300 for all Vision Quests, with the balance due four weeks prior to the Quest. Ensure that you are ready to commit to this experience and act from an empowering intention. Should unavoidable circumstances make your participation impossible, your deposit may be applied toward a future program if you notify me at least 8 weeks prior to the next program. Otherwise, the deposit will be applied to the fees incurred for reserving the space, insurance, supplies, and marketing and is therefore not refunded to you. Note that - You will receive a full refund for any courses canceled by me, or cancelled by you for serious illness, or other serious unavoidable circumstance that is approved by me as being appropriate for a full or partial refund.

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