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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Common Vision Quest Questions :

Who Is An Ideal Vision Quest Participant?

Everyone between the ages of 14-80 should participate in a vision quest at least once in his or her lifetime. Some people conduct multiple quests throughout their lives. Vision Quest participants can range in outdoor experiences from experienced campers and backpackers to people who have never spent a single night outdoors.

People of all beliefs and backgrounds are welcome to experience a Vision Quest. Whether you are seeking connection to a god, creator, the universe or simply tapping into your own deep well of inner peace.


Do You Fast During a Quest?

Everyone is required to drink water and stay fully hydrated during the Vision Quest. Participants are also asked to prepare for the Quest by conducting practices that include a physical "cleanse". Direction for the cleanse are started as soon as your registration form and down-payment is received. This is one reason why it is recommended that you register for the Quest at least 8-10 weeks prior - not only to reserve your space - but to benefit from the full application of the free pre-Quest physical cleanse and practices that are recommended to be completed 40 days before the Quest.

During the Quest, most participants fast - but some choose not too. Either way is okay. If participants wish to eat during the Quest though - they are asked to eat only healthy whole foods that will also not be highly attractant to animals [only allowed in locations without bears].


Where Are Vision Quests Held?

Vision Quests are held at places offer ecologically healthy, beautiful habitats filled with diverse species of plants and wild animals.

Vision Quests primarily take place in California (Primarily in the Spring & Fall) but can also be conducted at other locations in the United States and internationally like Hawaii, Scotland (Summer) and New Zealand (Winter).


What Do You Do During a Vision Quest?

You will be prepared for the Vision Quest and supported in creating a powerful intent for the Quest itself. You will learn how to work with the five elements and how these elements align with your charkas. You will also gain understanding about the five elements in creating a sacred circle, learn meditation techniques, practice dream recall, as well as receive training in energy sensing and other techniques that open you to your intuitive guidance. You will also receive natural history education about the land and the animals.

When conducting a solo in a sacred circle - many participants meditate, relax, observe the changing sky and the movement of the animals, chant, write in their diary, meditate, do yoga, sleep. Many participants have compelling dreams and I help people with dream interpretation.


Can I Do An Individual Quest or A Special Group Quest?

I can work with you to develop an individual solo Quest experience that is unique for you. You can also request a specially designed Vision Quest for a group that you are with (a family, organization, group of friends or colleagues).

To Reserve Your Space:
Vision Quest Groups are kept small in order to enhance your quest experience. Confirm your plans early to save a place, and to benefit from the 40 day pre-quest "cleansing".

An advance registration fee is required with a non-refundable deposit of $300 for all Vision Quests, with the balance due four weeks prior to the Quest. Ensure that you are ready to commit to this experience and act from an empowering intention. Should unavoidable circumstances make your participation impossible, your deposit may be applied toward a future program if you notify me at least 8 weeks prior to the next program. Otherwise, the deposit will be applied to the fees incurred for reserving the space, insurance, supplies. Note that - You will receive a full refund for any courses canceled by me, or cancelled by you for serious illness, or other unavoidable circumstance.

Upon receipt of your Letter of Intent and deposit, you will be sent a packet containing helpful information, your clearing practices, and a Quest supply list.


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