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The Power & Spirit of Animals

An animal's eyes have the power to speak a great language.
-Martin Buber

All living beings are remarkably similar to each other except for the rate at which they resonate, or sing, with life-force energy.

By working with spirit animals, we can go beyond our own limited realm of awareness and cross a distant territory that we might not reach on our own.

Animals and plants not only teach us about the world we live in, but they can serve as our guides and allies on one of the greatest journeys of all - the sacred journey to a divine realm.

Discover Your Spirit Animal : Discover Yourself

A spirit animal (sometimes referred to as a "power animal" or "totem") is an energetic/spiritual being that you feel closely associated with and that can bring guidance and power into your life. This animal represents a spiritual being that brings assistance to those in the physical plane of existence. While physical animals have their own individual spirits, they are all connected to an "over soul" or archetypal being that represents the species and protects it. When working with a spirit animal, you are working with the "over soul" of the species, and your relationship with the archetype can be enhanced by relationship(s) with individuals of the species.

Spirit animals have been recorded throughout history as important guides for humankind. People from many cultures-including Egyptians, Native Americans, Hindus all recognized the importance and power of animal spirits or archetypes.
The best way to discover the benefits of an animal spirit is through direct experience. Thus, developing your own personal relationship with an animal spirit is the best way to understand the power or "medicine" that that animal brings to you. It is also possible to have more than one spirit animal guiding you.

While there exists an abundance of books and cards that generalize the meaning of animal spirits, and provide a good introduction to animal archetypes or spirits, we need to be careful not to trivialize the depth of meaning and wisdom that can be obtained by working directly with spirit animals.

Catriona has carefully crafted a powerful three step Spirit Animal Discovery Program that can help you identify your spirit animal(s) and develop a beneficial and relationship with your spirit animal(s). She also offers one on one and group shamanic spirit animal journeys.

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