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Nature Renewal for Busy People

Each of us knows of at least one person who is the embodiment of living one's passion. Their eyes sparkle and they are infused with energy and enthusiasm.

Is there something missing in your life?
Do you long for greater meaning, joy and balance?

You are not alone. Many people today are experiencing increasing stress and a lack of meaning in their lives. Our modern lifestyle comes at a steep cost. The Nature Renewal is a program that emphasizes finding peace and well being in nature.

Nature, animals, and trees can also be potent conductors of healing energy. This is because all living things exchange energy, and this exchange can lead to greater health or harmony. We can receive healing energy from inanimate natural objects and forces, such as stones, pools of water, trees, and naturally occurring phenomenon including wind and rain. Stonehenge, for example, was also a place of powerful healing because of the congregation of healing stones.

Connecting with the harmonious ocean of energy in nature is one of the ways that people can heal themselves. There are places in nature that are harmonizing and rejuvenating. Simply being in these places can bring us to a state of equilibrium and even joy, no matter how out of balance we may be. When we place ourselves in nature, there always exists the opportunity for inspiration, joy, and healing. Once there, we can receive the beneficial healing energy found in the land, the elements, the animals, the plants, and the living Earth, away from the distractions of daily routines.

The program provides participants with the space and freedom they need to nurture your soul. It also brings you together with like minded people who like you - are seeking greater connection with their inner voice, and a life of peace, joy and meaning.

Through this program You will learn effective techniques to experience peace, gain clarity, connect with your inner voice to discover and follow your unique vision.

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