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Healing the Heart of the World

Harnessing the Power of Intention to Change Your Life and Your Planet

"What are the most powerful new trends shaping individual wellness and planetary health?"

"What are the most profound breakthroughs in consciousness that will shape our future happiness as individuals and a species?"

"How can we find optimal health, even as we choose actions that restore the Earth?"

These are some of the provocative questions asked by the thirty-eight educators, scientists, ecologists, psychologists, doctors, entrepreneurs, and spiritual leaders whose profound wisdom is collected in this book.

Read the newest ideas from the following co-authors including :

Special Author's Sale of Signed Copies!

$16.50 per book - SPECIAL - each book will be signed by the author so please send the name that you would like to have indicated in the signed inscription in the book.

Total Price is $16.50 per volume plus $2.80 for shipping per volume - up to 3 volumes.

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