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Vision Quests

"Nature is a portal to an infinite and timeless realm where we can gain insights into a larger reality that is beyond our day-to-day comprehension. Partnering with nature means opening up to an ongoing conversation with nature, to listen and learn from the smallest living being to the Earth herself."
Catriona MacGregor

Why Join a Spiritual Nature Quest or Spiritual Retreat

Sometimes we can get swayed by societal expectations, and/or the wishes of family and friends, to abandon our path with a heart. This can lead to a life of over-scheduling, under appreciation, and a feeling that there must be more to living.

If we do not make the time and space for our unique vision and purpose to blossom and grow we may always feel that something important is missing in our lives.

These Spiritual Nature Quests and Spiritual Retreats are being offered to help you find clarity and purpose, & activate a bold and inspiring plan for the years ahead.

During a Spiritual Nature Quest and Spiritual Retreat you will::

Spiritual retreat participants benefit from a powerful pre-retreat physical cleanse & emotional clearing program which works to purify and support your physical body, build your emotional resilience, and nurture your soul.

Spiritual Nature Quests and Spiritual Retreats also include a private intake session with Catriona & FREE Celtic Birthday Reading!

Nature Quests & Spiritual Retreats are spiritual retreats are held within the comfort and structure of a shared group experience.

Unlike a Vision Quest which is 100% Outdoors, Spiritual Nature Quests and Spiritual Retreat participants stay overnight inside a retreat center, lodge or cabin for all or part of the duration.

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