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E. G. San Francisco

Catriona is truly a wise woman who weaves her many life experiences, spirituality and intuition into a tapestry of hope. She is gentle, honest and provides a safe space for your dreams to grow and emotions to bound forward. I thank her for helping me to rediscover my dreams and find clarity and peace.


L.T., Psychotherapist, CA

My deep wish going into the Vision Quest was to experience myself in nature free of the distractions of daily life. I discovered a reservoir of inner strength, clarity and fearlessness that I can now easily access in my day-to-day life. Catriona's attunement to each person's unique process created an atmosphere of trust and allowed me to surrender to each unfolding moment with an increasing sense of inner peace. There is no doubt that the Vision Quest is one of the most daring, rejuvenating and transformative practices I've ever done and I am profoundly grateful for the experience.


L.G. | San Rafael

For years I had wanted to partake in a vision quest experience, but the timing was never right. When I first heard that Catriona led quests, I knew that she would be the one I would trust implicitly to guide me in such a journey. Her practical groundedness combined with a clear love for nature and connection to the spiritual realm reassured me that I would be safe.
Embarking on the quest gave me so much more than I expected. The 28 day preparation program and the individual work before hand with Catriona was invaluable to the experience. Catriona devoted the entire first day of the quest teaching us practices for our time alone and preparing us for our adventure. The quest turned out to be much easier than I originally anticipated. Overcoming my fears of being alone produced a profound experience, the lessons of which I am still drawing upon a month after my journey.


A.C. California

What a rich, meaningful exploration of self and nature: Catriona did a wonderful job choosing an amazing setting, facilitating learning & balancing energy. Her calm presence and deep passion for nature, science & curiosity were apparent and contagious.


C. C. Northern CA

I just wanted to say thanks again so much for the whole experience of the vision quest. It was easily the most wonderfully enriching personal experience Ive ever had, everything I wanted and expected and more! I just cant thank you enough for your direction, your support, and most importantly, your kindness. I will never forget my time spent in Coe and the incredible connections I made with nature.


B.K. Mill Valley, CA

A wonderful experience involving three generations. We laughed, shared stories and had an extra appreciation for each other and our environment.


T.R. California

I entered the coaching relationship with Catriona at time when I wanted to make some deliberate choices in my lifes direction. Recovering from an injury, I felt stuck in a few key areas. I wanted to take the next steps in my healing process. I wanted to utilize what Id been through in a positive and meaningful way.
Catriona helped me identify themes and clarify my goals. She demonstrated her skill by quickly assessing my needs and making useful suggestions. Tapping into her wealth of knowledge, she offered encouragement and a course of action, one that depended entirely on my volition and effort.
She has this uncanny ability to say the right thing at the right time. By recommending enjoyable exercises in a rewarding sequence, I began to gradually let go of stumbling blocks and regain confidence in my abilities. One example of this was the combination of daily stretches done in conjunction with affirmations. Another was the journeying and collage work, done in a few different settings, enabling me to tap into my imagination and envision possibilities I had never considered. As I committed to the exercises, I saw very tangible results.
Catrionas caring, steady, and non-judgmental presence was invaluable to me. I was deeply inspired by her love of nature and the meaning she ascribed to the appearance of birds or animals we encountered during our outdoor sessions. Time with Catriona led to an important rebuilding of trust in myself, and in others. She has helped me to reconnect with my lifes purpose. In addition to accomplishing major changes in my personal life, I am now working on a masters degree, opening up a new range of professional possibilities.


J.R. New York

Catriona has tremendous intuition about people and situations. Her open generosity and the way she cares for others in such a gracious way is unique. Her sensitivity to the earth and all it's creatures sets her apart.


N.W. Texas

Catriona has the unique ability to recognize the talents and strengths of people and bring out their best qualities.


J.F. California

Catriona has a great mix of flow energy and analytical energy. She has the brain capacity to really study a situation from a intellectual approach and at the same time stand back and appreciate the mystery and beauty before her - especially in nature.


R.D.J. Canada

Catriona enables people and organizations to make the connections; actualize the concepts; create and implement the strategies that take them to (or beyond) their visions


L.M Oregon

The program helped me consciously engage with inner and outer energies that are available. It also gave me more conscious awareness of the messages and signs from the natural world.
I especially liked the affirmations and daily practices, as a focus. Some practices affirmed certain areas that Ive developed and helped me expand on these. Others were very challenging and opened me to new perceptions. I especially liked that I was able to give new meaning to past and present experiences, so I could lift myself out of endless-rut beliefs.
The telephone sessions were all helpful, opening avenues that were even more specific to my personal experiences. I remember the last one most clearly the past life regression, where I had the opportunity to change the ending of the story. I remind myself of this when I feel frustrated that things seem just as theyve always have, with no possibilities of a new story line. Now I know that I can use my imagination to create a story line thats actually aligned with my spirit!
The program is very universal, based on the elements, and gives a wide range of ways for the participant to engage, with the different levels you offer each day. Also, it was especially helpful for me that youve had experience in a variety of the worlds spiritual traditions.


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