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Vision Quests

"A Quest of any kind is a heroic journey. It is a rite of passage that carries you to an inner place of silence and majesty and encourages you to live life more courageously and genuinely.

"I highly recommend Catriona's quests. They are truly sojourns of the heart.""
~Denise Linn

For centuries, people have embarked on rites of passage in nature to gain awareness of the sacred realms and greater self-knowledge. Spiritual journeys into nature can provide greater life direction and harmony. These archetypal passages, or quests into nature, are powerful acts that can change a person's life profoundly. This is why so many myths and stories around the world have the hero's quest as a central theme.

Vision & Nature Quests are powerful practices that have help people to tap into a deep wisdom that can provide profound guidance and insight. Many people around the world have benefited from immersing themselves in nature to seek wisdom, truth and beauty. This is because the Earth speaks to us all if we care to listen.

Experiencing a nature quest is a unique physical, emotional and spiritual adventure. There are many inherent benefits of a nature quest, such as getting in touch with one's inner rhythm. A quest can also provide the impetus that people need to take the first steps toward living a life in tune with their inner desires.

In nature, we are removed from societal constructs, so we do not need to wear a mask or meet the expectations of others. We can freely connect with the pure essence of who we are.

From the peace that nature offers, we can interpret the subtle movements of the animals, the slight changes in the wind, and the gentle shift in the light as the day progresses into night.

We can also come to terms with our thoughts and thought patterns. Without interruptions like ringing phones and schedules, our thoughts go further. By pushing the boundaries of our thoughts, we can journey to a point beyond.

My deep wish going into the Vision Quest was to experience myself in nature free of the distractions of daily life. I discovered a reservoir of inner strength, clarity and fearlessness that I can now easily access in my day-to-day life. Catriona's attunement to each person's unique process created an atmosphere of trust and allowed me to surrender to each unfolding moment with an increasing sense of inner peace. There is no doubt that the Vision Quest is one of the most daring, rejuvenating and transformative practices I've ever done and I am profoundly grateful for the experience. "
L.T., Psychotherapist, CA

When we listen to our still, inner voice, we can finally hear that our voice joins with the voice of the Earth.

Quest participants can also discover answers to long asked questions. Signs from nature can powerfully shape a person's life by providing direction or insight that we might not find on our own.

Signs from nature can speak to "what is" from a way of knowing beyond our limited human consciousness.

Vision Quests are wonderful ways to :


You do not need to have previous camping or outdoor experience to participate in a Vision Quest or Nature Quest.

I offer group quests in California, New Zealand and Scotland. I also occasionally offer solo quests.

These Quests vary in duration and price and last from 3 nights and four days to 7 nights and 8 days.

All Quests are held at inspiring places in nature, and all participants sleep out under the stars. [Note that I also run Nature , and Nature Retreats for Busy People that often include inside accommodation.]

Pre-Quest preparation is required and includes daily practices based on the five elements Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether, and a physical "cleanse". All of these practices and the physical "cleanse" are easy to complete and incorporate into your day-to-day activities prior to the Quest.

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