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Vision Quest Training

Vision Quests

I offer a Vision Quest & Nature Quest Training program to individuals who would like to learn how to lead vision quests. This training covers many of the unique approaches that I have developed over the years to conduct Quests.

I believe that everything in the universe is infused with a compassionate, intelligent spirit. Every person, every animal, and every tree has the capacity to express this intelligence. Humankind communicates with the Creator through interaction with the animals, the birds, and the trees. It is through these messengers that humankind can connect with the sacred and be one with all creation.

My Quest Training Program helps others to work with the underlying unities on the Earth to provide themselves and others with transformative experiences in nature.

The training covers everything from very concrete matters such as safety, supplies, and to the esoteric practices in meditation, working with energy in the land and animals and trees.

The first step to determine if a Vision Quest training is right for you is to complete the written intake form, and to conduct a brief intake conversation with Catriona.

Vision Quest training has several components that include a minimum of three Quests, and practices and research that can be done at your own pace. The Vision Quest Training Program can be completed in three months but on average takes between nine-twelve months.

Vision Quest Training Covers :

Vision Quest Trainees also engage in individualized practices that suit their background and skills and knowledge. Vision Quest Trainees conduct three quests during the Quest training process.

Some background experience and certifications are required depending upon scope of intended Vision Quest Practice. CPR is required for all Vision Quest Trainees.

To Learn more about a Vision Quest Training and/or to begin the process contact Catriona and complete the Intake Form.

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