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Women's Nature

Catriona offers a Women's Nature and Retreat. These Quests and Retreats are a wonderful way to share the experience of peace, renewal and joy in the company of other like-minded women.

Women are often the care-givers, and supporters of the visions of others. When we ignore our inner voice and vision, we become stressed, and this can lead to emotional distress, anxiety, and frustration. If not treated properly, stress can also lead to physical ailments.

These Quests provide the time for women to be renewed inside and out and include a physical, emotional cleanse.

I provide a safe and nurturing place for women to express themselves and have their dreams bound forward.

I choose beautiful inspiring places in nature where you can experience deep peace, and connect with your dreams. Awaken to the rhythm of the Earth and the rhythm of your own body and soul.

"The Absolute
No mind, no form, I only exist; Now ceased all will and thought; The final end of Nature's dance, I am it whom I have sought. A realm of Bliss bare, ultimate; Beyond both knower and known : A rest immense I enjoy at last; I face the One alone. I have crossed the secret ways of life, I have become the Goal. The Truth immutable is revealed; I am the way, the God-Soul. My spirit aware of all the heights, I am mute in the core of the Sun. I barter nothing with time and deeds; My cosmic play is done.
--Sri Chinmoy"

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