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Your Unique Birthday & The Five Elements

Discover the Secret of Your Unique "Elemental Signature" Based on Your Birthday & Learn Powerful Practices to bring greater Balance and Healing into Your Life

Description: The Building Blocks of the Universe are Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Ether. We can learn to work with these five primary elements within us to bring greater balance and transformation into our lives. We begin by utilizing an ancient but highly effective method to discern the combination of elements within us based on our birthday "signature". Once we discover and understand our own unique gifts based on Earth, Air, Fire and Water - we can then apply ways to bring greater balance and transformation into our lives including working with Sacred handwriting, the Sacred Circle, Mudras and spiritual journeys.

Discover the Secret to Your Unique Birthday

Catriona will share with you the Secrets of Your Unique Birthday Signature to help you in gaining a better understanding about your strengths and limitations. She will also provide also provide you with powerful healing modalities based on your Unique reading and an intuitive understanding of the best practices for you to overcome limitations and step powerfully into your best life.

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Background: The ancients recognized four primary directions: east, south, west and north as having specific energetic/spiritual qualities. Together these four directions made up the great unity. Empedocles also believed that earth, air, fire, and water were the roots of all things. He described these "elements" not only as physical manifestations but also as spiritual essences. Plato recognized five primary elements (including ether) as the foundation of the universe. Meanwhile, Buddhist use images: a cube for earth, a sphere for water, a triangle for fire, and a crescent for air, and a tapered sphere for ether to reflect the five elements.

Each of the elements have been described as energy qualities, directions, shapes, colors, animals, and even seasons based on the interpretations of different cultures. While different people may describe these universal qualities in different terms, there are abundant cases of similar interpretation. For example, Black Elk, a Sioux Indian shaman used identical colors to describe the four directions as those used by the Chinese and the Greeks.

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